Sunday, December 11, 2005

CU must hire an Afro-American Head Coach, not because of Affirmative Action, but rather based solely upon common sense. The byproduct's of CU hiring a Tyron Willingham type of head coach would be measured both on the field and off. The type of staff and team he would bring to Boulder would change. The emphasis on the player would become a complete focus on the whole mancub, not just the crafting of a mandingo gladiator. A caring black head coach is more likely to produce officers and gentleman prepared for the world, not just the big game on Thursday night.

There's no debate concerning the large pool of overqualified black assistant coaches at both the collegiate and professional level seeking this type of opportunity. But as significant, football teams like CU, overwhelmingly comprised of young working class, fatherless black men, who're in dire need of, crying out for, a type of leadership, which quite simply, a 39 year old white guy usually can't bring to the table A guy who's been anointed some kind of a gridiron guru - by a frustrated reporter corps, constantly in search of Great White Hopes for the sports world. Yet another blonde-haired boy-genius who possesses the Doctor Doolittle ability to talk to the players/animals... The uncanny knack to put them boys in a position to win.

Additionally a campus like CU-Boulder, peppered with racist red necks, in both neck-ties and tee-shirts, is in need of all the strong black faculty and staff they can persuade to come.

Sorry, it just appears crystal clear there's an artificial, good ol' boy manufactured glass ceiling within this nation's pastimes. For football, it's quarterback and head coach. Is it a stretch to believe that an Afro-American coach, with all the playing and coaching experience as any other potential applicant, doesn't have a foot, if not a whole leg up on Caucasian applicants, considering over half the team is Black? I know this relevant fact is deemed irrelevant, color does not matter, right...?

Oddly, it would seem strange if a black guy wasn't questioned about his ability to relate to a predominately white team, but we never seem to see sports reporters and columnist raise the issue of 67 year old white grandfathers being able to communicate, relate, understand, shape and mold young black men out of urban centers.

The idealistic hope that sports make men out of boys appears to be unimportant in today's world of college football. I don't think the desire to craft these men into good husbands, fathers or citizens is even an afterthought.

Just win boy - win...

As the dad of, a graduating senior, an All-League player in what some say is the toughest league in the state of Colorado, and on his way to a Colorado college campus - something like the one in Boulder, where both the student body and the small-town community residents tend to be cold and paranoid towards Black students, I'm concerned for my off-springs mental and physical well-being.

Let's not forget Boulder is a bastion of Liberal fruits and nuts - friends of the black race, right? College towns like Gunnison, Durango, and Grand Junction are conservative, i.e., somewhat racist, sexist and elitist thinking strongholds. A good number of these towns are White-Flight destination spots, attractive to many because they are not diverse towns, but as Lilly white as they were in 1947.

I spent a few years in Greeley, Colorado, home to UNC, in the early 80's. I saw a cross placed in front of the Afro-American cultural center, Black Student leaders threatened, the few Black faculty not supported by the administration... Not too much has changed in a quarter century. Honestly, one could argue the Reagan Revolution was the official beginning of the Angry White Male backlash George Bush and Dick Chaney are figureheads of today. Chaney, who opposed the MLK holiday and supported apartheid in South Africa ... represents Small-town USA's high morals and values.

Gee, Gordon Gee's not still President of CU, it's former Republican grand pooh-bah Hank Brown

What a horrific thought....

CU could make a move that would shake up the collegiate football world, if it's truly an institution of higher learning, interested in making a difference.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Any given Sunday, I'm an NFL fan whose torn between loyalties. My team versus - my people. This past Thanksgiving Day, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers played the Chicago Bears. Once upon a time, I was a Buc's fan, because I adopted them when Tony Dungy was captain of the ship, and won, with guys like Warren Sapp and Warrick Dunn. Nonetheless, after the way ownership disrespected and dismissed Dungy... I wanted to see Chi-town's Lovie Smith win. But I still like what Dungy created in Tampa. I always want to see Afro-American men, who've navigated the good ol'boy constructed obstacles, do well. I imagine in the Republican handbook, that makes me a racist.

I don't like Philly, last time I did, they had Wilbur Montgomery toting the rock, but I root for their bronze Golden Boy, Donovan McNabb. I want him to prove Rush - the mouthpiece for angry white fans - wrong.

My dilemma reflects the serious elements of the game, a fairness of opportunity which matters to me, as a black man - who's both disgusted and frustrated the sports-world forbids any in-depth conversation about this current transfer of power, the impact it's having on not just the game, but the country.

I want to see Black coaches succeed in the shadow of 20th century NFL history, and in spite of present day practices within the league. Similarly, I want to see black quarterbacks excel. I hope guys like Dauntee Cullpepper, Michael Vick and Donavan McNabb do redefine the position. Why? because I understand the significance of their success, and the impact it'll have on American pop-culture. QB, the thinking man's position - requires intelligence, leadership, character, guts, determination, mental toughness and steadiness - all the traits black gladiators supposedly seldom embody. I want my grandson to not ponder if he's composed of the Right Stuff required to be a little league or big league QB, but ratheer he emmolate and imitate guys who look and sound - just like him.

Head Coach and On-Field General - Custers Last Stand, the finale bastions of the fake, artificial, man-made dominance white guys have welded over the game of American Football, both are being dismantled, but the discussion about this transfer of power to blacks, aggravates and irrates the average white guy so much, it can't be openly discussed.

One of the reasons America can't have these open debates about the serious complexities within the NFL and the larger sports world - it brings out the racism still alive and well within American culture...

Where's the debate within our national mainstream media reflecting arguements raging in sportsbars across this nation; Why are there so very few Black coaches in the NFL? Why are there so few Black cheerleaders? This issue matters to black fans, maybe not to spoiled, mildly enlightened and slightly educated Black athletes, but, to the keepers of the game, those who love the game, and recognize how it can mold and shape boys into men, for those of us who pass that love and respect of what the game teaches - on to our son's and grandsons, there are critical problems that need to be addressed.

I just don't believe the overall racist mind-set of this nations journalistic fraternity - who's negatively painted and tainted guys from Jack Johnson on thru the Brown Bomber and even those cats who refused to call Ali anything but Clay - I just don't think their social viewpoints have changed all that much from their fathers and grandfathers. Most caucasian fans, columnist and reporters grew up in some degree of an Archie Bunker headed home. That's why I have to tolerate how announcers and writers, still today, have a noted tendency to characterize blacks as athletically gifted, emotional, aggressive, playful, like a big kid - but yet seldom do I hear any described as a coach on the field.

Without question; the never-ending search for Great White Hope is at a feverish and conscience pitch. Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, and Ben Roethlisberger are being tactically packaged, properly positioned to take the the Baton from Bret Farve.The NFL is strategically planning - so that it doesn't one day look like the NBA. Pro hoop's failed to find the next Larry Bird, though Europe is a godsend for owners hoping to lure back the average white fan. The NBA is too, too Black for mainstream USA. That's why a significant segment of this nation, mostly white America, treasonously turned their backs on the last Olympic Basketball Squad, they were too Iverson-like and not enough David Robinson-like.

Same ol' same ol'. Joe Louis - model negro. Jack Johnson - uppity Nigger. Smokin Joe and ol'glory waving George Foreman - good boys, White man's house-negroes. Ali and Jim Brown, uppity Niggers. America prefers their ebony mandingo warriors quiet, docile and humble - off the field of battle.

Ask the run-of-the-mill journalist today - TV, radio or print - what they think of the 68'Olympics Black Power salute. Can you imagine how their opinions differ with that of Black guys in Barbershops across America...? But, who'll ever know? That electronic conversation is feared and forbidden by the media giants. That cocktail conversation is too combustable...
Either there's too much arrogance, or, too much ignorance on the part of white guys to admit so-called legends like the Galloping Ghost, might not have got a chance to strap on a leather helmet - if the playing field was level and the Black sportsman whould have been permitted to participate.
America's traditional pastimes, including the NFL, are racially charged, but those topics are out-of-bounds because... who say's so? The good ol' boy establishment that has opposed the colorization of football? There's more to this ever-changing game than X's and O's.

Friday, November 18, 2005

No Mexicans-No Dogs

Wow, who'll be next after illegal Mexicans, and anyone who looks to hale from anywhere South of the Rio Grande, are rounded up, placed in interment camps, ultimately deported back to their homeland ? Sympathetic, angry Hispanic-Americans? Unpatriotic Arabs? Uppity militant Blacks. Untrustable Chinese folks. Considering the story of America, it wouldn't take long for the rank and file red necks, to go there.
This scenario is horrificaly doable with true patriots like Colorado's tenacious Congressman Tom Tancredo leading the swelling Send Them Back wave in these so-called United Stats of America the GOP is really starting to worry me. A few weeks ago - all the conservative pundits were rationalizing and justifying GOP Grand Poo-bah William Bennet's comments about aborting a whole generation of Black babies to lower the US Crime rate. Now today, they're attempting to justify this Romper Room solution to a Ivy League problem

Can the Far-Right be so very far out there, they truly believe the interment of, what - millions of people - can be accomplished without American cities looking like France's has over the last few weeks? And, let's not forget, those young hooligans over there - don't have access to the guns Americans walk around with.

By just attempting to intern and export these millions of people, the GOP will ignite a civil war, perhaps a boarder war with Mexico,War, on two fronts - the enemy at the gates. While internally - a century's old cold civil war has heated up. And just to complicate matters, fanatical Islamic terrorist are deeply embedded within the wall's of Fort America, waiting for a prime moment to strike. This would be the time...

America's home to a few generations of displaced and detached 2nd class citizens of color, some of whom should'a and could'a been doctors, lawyers. Butchers, bakers and computer-chip makers, but are instead - part-time service or retail workers/part-time gangsters and thugs, deliberately and strategically undereducated. Don't fool yourself, many are waiting for a reason to payback a bias system. Just waiting for a social/economical/political wake-your-ass-up call-to-arms. Just waiting for Gangster rappers like Fifty-Cents, Konya West and Fat Joe to start sounding a little bit more like Huey Newton, Bobby Seale , Crazy Horse, Angela Davis, and Cochise... The Black Panthers and the Brown Barets are about to be reborn, the climate across the US is demanding they return

Nevertheless, with the US being such a divided nation, and, at war with the world - the Right still has the audacity, or stupidity, to attempt - not to merely turn back the hands of time, but to rip the clock off the wall, with a primitive 1941 miscue like interment camps, for a 2006 quagmire like the immigration clustermuck.

Remember, these are the same societal control freaks who work overtime to return women back to the preferred barefoot and prego status. The same Republicans are fighting like hell to erase most of the progress achieved by FDR's New Deal and MLK's civil rights victories. They've always despised LBJ's Great Society. They believe Teddy Roosevelt betrayed his Aristocratic roots with his Anti-Trust laws. These are the fanatical Republicans who have weekly wet dreams about stripping and beating Susan B. Anthony - applying the ol' Rule of Thumb... Somehow the Right deemed these grand aspirations - Liberalism at it's most grandiose - unattainable, unpatriotic, anti-god. Damn-near communistic attempts to ruin America...
Remember Reagan, the great grand father of today's GOP - believed King to be a commie.-pinko-bastard. Honestly, if you pause and look at the Rights agenda over the last hundred years, a repeat of yesteryears mistake - interment camps is a very predicable draconian solution.

The smaller, yet more diabolical and deep-pocketed Thurston Howell III wing of the Right - really, really, really wants to continue to undermine the average Fred and Wilma's attempts at achieving the American Dream - it cut's into profits. Big George and Little Dick Chaney are charged with ensuring these corporate sponsors remain fat. One of many methods incorporated to do this - undermine organized labor, by pimping and exploiting illegal Mexican Workers via leaving the southern boarder wide open.

While the Archie Bunkers of the GOP, the numerical meat of the party, and in direct competition for jobs with illegal immigrants, just want the Wet-Backs to go back to where-the-hell they came from. These are the All-American apples which don't fall far from the tree that bore the sign No Dogs-No Mexicans.
Exasperating this problem, unlike all the previous immigrants to these shores, even the only forced ones - Africans, this current wave of Mexicans are not interested in accommodating mainstream American cultural expectations. These hard working folks just want 8 dead presidents an hour. This refusal to assimilate really, really, really aggravates and irritates these good ol' boys.

And, keepin it real baby, - you could include the George Jefferson faction of the Democratic Left - The Big Easy's Mayor Ray Nagen, has publicly stated he's got a Mexican problem - there's too many of them. His fear, and the fears of both black and white Naw Leans he speaks for, these people, who don't even want to speak English, and who'll go back home after they've saved a few thousand, these illegal immigrants are stealing the American Dream from Americans. With a wink and a nod from this nation's elitist establishment, Mexicans are being utilized in a population swap to lower the standards of compensation to all us worker ants. This is the treasonous aspect of this folly; the little people who actually are Americans - via hundreds of years of providing the blood, sweat, and tears, the elbow grease which made this country the global destination spot it is today - are the ones being screwed.
Let's not get sidetracked...
If door to door raids and midnight round-ups are the tools utilized to straighten out this nation's Mexican problem, Hispanic neighborhoods will be torn, split and pissed off about it... 7th generation Mexican-American's will be followed and harassed, ask to show me your papers.

You do know, cities will burn

What must not be dismissed - interning illegal Mexicans will be broaching the fire-wall, the first step, the first group. Others will follow. There will then exist an president, an historical reference to rationalize locking up other groups. Starting with Arabs. After the first mall or school terrorist bombing, and horrifically these bastards will bring this madness to America, it's just a matter of time. The question will be, when that event occurs, will a majority of Americans agree to - lock all arab-looking or sounding people down, ship them out. A scene straight out of Hollywood.

If the Bush administration is locking up muslims, translation - Black Americans are being rounded up, starting with the Nation Of Islam, I don't think these brothers and sisters will go easily, nor will their non-muslim families sit quietly by and watch. Where will they be deported to? What will happen to their property?

The question; what true patriotic, yet non-bias Americans will be orchestrating this? Homeland Security? President Chaney? America would burn.
Least we forget, Muslims come in all flavors, including Eastern European and Asian. They'll all have to be searched out, interned and deported. Can you envision the chaos and disorder? Martial Law will have to be declared - enforced by diverse troops representing and haling from these very groups they'll be asked to imprison - family and friends... While, at the same time, the Minute Men and other militia/vigilante groups will declare it Open Season on people of color.

This scenario is as predictable as Seattle rain. The American Empire will shake at its base.
Little Lord Flat-Bush and his Neo-Con pals have successfully managed to pit all this nations factions at each others throats, with the help of the Democratic establishments complacency. This Angry white male backlash to re-establish fake, artificial domination over the American way of life will create a response - a revolution, to oppose it.

Some people sitting in a coffee house somewhere in San Fran' are talking about this, the times we are'a liv'in in - as the fall of the American Empire. The Sun has set on the British Common Wealth, and it appears to be going down on America's also. The Greed driven arrogant application of global Manifest Destiny has created too many enemies world wide, close to home, and right here in the house.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Do clothes make the Black man

Charles Barkley said something like - It’s a new day - and we’re new niggers. Our priority is not to pacify or cuddle white folks. Yesteryear’s Black gladiator had to consol a nation of Archie Bunker’s with a vast array of paranoid insecurities, so that we could be half-assedly accepted by mainstream white America. The adopted black sheep of the family. The Black ball players of today either, don’t give a damn what white folks think of them, or don’t realize who butters their bread.

The NBA’ desire to impose a league-wide dress code, isn’t a gesture which takes place in a vacuum. Rather, this sports soap-oprah plays out within a nation obsessed with race. To fully understand this controversy, the motivation behind the league’s desire to implement the code can’t be ignored. America’s historical uncomfortableness with Black men has prompted wealthy white male owners to impose standards they believe will lower mainstream white folks anxiety towards blacks, perhaps, bring their disposable income back to a game they’ve walked away from

Clothes make the black man.

Donning the do-rags and bling-blang, these cats resemble Little Richard on steroids, and it plays on historical white phobias. Not to mention, these players have snow-bunnies hanging all over them. That visual alone, is hard for a lot of caucassians to swallow. It adds insult to injury- Blacks stole America’s recreational pastimes, and they got the blondie cheerleader too ... Don’t make the mistake of minimizing this point, deeming it irrelevant. No black person does.

Terrell Owens is despised in most suburban(white) sports bars, and desired in most desperate suburban housewives lonely bedrooms.

America’s traditionally preferred Blacks to carry themselves in the more fully assimilated and accommodating Joe Louis / OJ style. The Juice remains, at the height of his run, the ultimate All-American Negro athlete. A good colored boy. He’s was damn near white. He was so white - he was permitted to have sex with white women, and still push Hertz...

Perhaps not-so shockingly, black males have sought to imitate and immolate men like Ali or Jim Brown - independent, defiant, assertive, and completely confident in their abilities. The Republican translation for those characteristics in blacks - uppity nigger.

The United States has always had a problem with uppity nigger sports heros. Jack Johnson had to endure this redneck reaction to his domination within the ring a century ago. It was this same mind-set which forced Jackie Robinson to bend, but not break, in the onslaught of white male insecurities - 40 years later. At the 68' Olympics in Mexico City, Black gloved Tommy Smith and John Carlos were motivated by, and returned home early to - a multi-tiered hostile America. The first Ali vs. Frazier graphically illustrated the lines remained drawn in America soil during the 70's; Mainstream White America, the average Fred and Barney along with uncle Toms and House-Negroes backed Smok’in Joe. Across the line, Liberal-pinko-commie white folks and Genuine and authentic Say it loud-I’m black and I’m Proud Afro-Americans backed the defiant Huey P Newton of the sports-world, Muhammad Ali.

Ali’s defeat was one of the very few times I saw my dad cry.

White America, that separate sanctimonious nation within the US of A, has this horrific history of fearing/hating the confident, self-assured Black athlete. Jack Johnson was the first ebony Spartan to embody such a strong persona, followed by the bodacious, defiant Muhammad Ali.... America’s hate for both Heavyweight Champs has been well documented. This country’s disdain for Johnson caused riots. It also produced a search for any white man who could defeat the black ape. This gorillan task, a never-ending quest for a Great White Hope - is the NBA’s and NFL’s number one unspoken goal today. They can’t find enough Brett Favres', and Teddy Bruschis' .

Circa 2005, major professional sports, are stocked full of young Afro-American men, many of whom play the game, and live their lives, with a different color and flair - which clearly agitates, irritates and alienates not just the average, over 30, white male fan, but, more importantly, the sports journalist - that amplified voice in the forest. The vastly caucasian word-smiths who don’t notice the concrete ceiling Afro-American coaches in collegiate and professional football bloody their heads against. The un-bias writers who still insist on implying blacks are less intelligent and dependent upon natural animal-like physical abilities - the Michael Vick debate. This slighting is obvious, insulting and so very-telling about current racial attitudes having hardly progressed over the last century.

The critical point ; the average white guy, who’s crafted by a straight and narrow WASP culture - Little Johnny O'leary, has historically aspired to be the so-called All-American sports hero, in the cast of Joe Dimagio, Larry Bird, and Johnny Unitis. Quiet, unassuming, humble, and soft-spoken. So, still today, most whites demand - in sports they can hardly compete in - that young black mancubs adhere to selectively imposed high standards and values -character expectations - they don’t hold themselves or their own peers to.

This hatred is such that during the last Summer Olympics, Sportsfans across this nation, predominately white guys, turned their backs on the Mens Basketball Team. They so-hated what the team was symbolic of - spoiled black prima donnas- they committed a form of treason, just to voice their extreme displeasure with what they deemed American basketball had regressed to, the depths it had sunken to and what it look’s like today....

With that said, young Afro–American professional athletes, who do succeed against all the odds, remain a lost lot. They’ve been molded and shaped by a contemporary black American culture that has been ghettoized, pimplified and thugarized. WEB DuBois and Fredrick Douglass are doing cartwheels in their graves if they can see how their race has dropped the bataan, gone astray, allowed education to become
a exclusively white thang...?

Far too many black athletes are rudderless - the by-products of generations in which babies having babies having babies - is the norm. Most are not ready for the world. Rather, they are much-more ready for the mean streets they hail from.

Predictably, very few desire to match the social awareness of the 1960's black athlete. Why? Because of the Millions of dead presidents they earn. They’ve overcome. The sportsman of this new millennium now aspire to be pimps and hustlers. They wouldn’t know how to take a stand against participating in a unjust police action like Viet-Nam or Iraq. Nonetheless, their basic James Dean - dipped in Chocolate, defiant Tupac attitude - is despised by a Pat Boonish mainstream America.

Jesse Owens was insulted by having to race horses for money. TO would do it jus’cause he wants to entertain the fans.....

Ponder it the way you might a American Native leaving the reservation, even the farm Boy leaving for the big city to play ball. Most black athletes have grown up in a separate and unequal America. Under-educated if not uneducated. Mis-educated by BET and MTV. They haven’t gone anywhere nor done anything to prepare them for fame and fortune. Most are Horatio Alger rags to riches stories More tragically, very few desire to match the social awareness of the 1960's black athlete. The sportsman of this new millennium aspire to be pimps, hustlers. They wouldn’t know how to take a stand against participating in a unjust police action like Viet-Nam or Iraq. Nonetheless, their basic James Dean dipped in Chocolate, defiant Tupac attitude - is despised by a Pat Boonish mainstream America.

With the social discrepancies noted, the NBA dress code is needed. It’s akin to what Berry Gordy did a half century ago at Motown, with groups like the Temptations, the Supremes and so on. Those young men and women, haling from a separate and unequal 3rd class America, were sent to polishing school, taught how to walk , talk, act and behave like Black Men or Women of the world.. The NBA dress code is forcing these young men to understand the ghetto is a place you experience, but escape, physically and more importantly - mentally.

What can’t be minimized - a large segment of the white Americans cheering this clampdown on what they view as a deviant counter-culture, really, really, really, want to return to yesteryear, where blacks weren’t allowed to participate in sports-period. I Can’t say I’m shocked this group is willing to win the race by fixing the race. Doing what was commonly practiced for centuries in this nation on all levels; the orchestrating, if not manufacturing of fake, artificial dominance.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Rich people are better than poor people

In America, where God is money, and money is God, rich people are better than poor people. Or, at least that’s the way rich folks see it.

This arrogant self-serving mentality was once more evident in a recent poll conducted by Marguerite Casey Foundation. Poor folks , by and large, believe their position is impacted by elements way beyond their control. They start the race way, way back in the pack, driving a Pinto or Yugo, while the rich are racing along the course of life in a Corvette, given to him by his father, who had it given to him by his father, you get the point. These dudes are oblivious to their inheirented status and the options it provides them with.

Polling indicated roughly half of all aspiring aristocrats, the Top Shelf, believe the rank and file little people are stuck in their pitiful plight because of an lack of elbow grease.

Who could think like this? How and Why could they see the world in such a simplistic Roomper-Room like way.

Wealthy white males could, and do. Matter-of-factly, they’ve formally organized themselves into a political organization called the Republican Party, America's Right. The party of I got mine, you get yours, I'm not my brothers keeper. Now, who’s driving the GOP's GTO ? The really rich are at the wheel. Their strategy, Just win baby win. Their tactics, Captain Hook like. In a cutthroat manner they’re constantly attempting to influence strategic institutions, organizations, nations and individuals in order to shape and tilt the Power Game just a little bit more in their favor.

Why do they do it? Because, God is money, and money is God in their isolated and insulated world. These strung-out on Bling-Bling sharks are constantly in search of extreme maximum profit, by any means required. Think about it, the top 5% of Americans enhanced their wealth by exporting blue collar jobs in the 70's and 80's. 40 years in the factory, your laid off. As The Silicon Meltdown demonstrated these selfish preying mantis had no problem in slitting-the-throats of their own, the aspiring wannabe rich MBA class.

And now, today, they’re exporting the white collar, elusive collegiate degree required jobs overseas. While at the same time, turning both a blind-eye and death-ear to illegal immigration. Why? To undermine American worker solidarity, while creating a cheap US labor force that allows management to reap massive profits.

See Wal Mart.

America’s Fatcats, have got themself’s some new Niggers, imported to do the menial back-braking task, for damn near slave wages. The elites in America have figured a way around the hard and noble work of Unions, they've minimized Caesar Chavez's efforts - by importing cheap labor from south of the boarder.

Please, Let's not bullshit each other. What we’ve got here in the ol’ US of A, is what we have all over the planet - whenever everyday people don’t or can’t participate. Rich folks gone wild . The worker bees must present a informed and powerful voice in order to check and balance the rich and powerful. If not, those on top will craft an aggressive empire consisting of the Haves and the Have-Nots, the Landlords and the landless.

Any form of proportional sharing in the harvest will be labeled a commie-pinko socialist redistribution of wealth. What burns my ass? Today’s top ten percent, 90% plus being Republicans, seem to have forgotten the story of this nation.... the strategic and deliberate reserving of and restricting of - access to the resources required to acquire wealth, clout, influence...power.

See the world according to Dick Chaney for more clarification.

It’s almost unblinking believable that the top 5% and probably the next 5% actually believe they are in the financial positions they’re in, not based on the Ism’s which have plagued this nations social stratification since its inception. But on individual intellegence and desire. They seem to forget there forefathers have manipulated power - in order to monopolize it and pass it on..... These are the same cats who actinically orchestrated the in-life options and choices available to the everyday people of color and women-for centuries, until they were faced with riots in the streets.

Least we forget the perks which make America America were exclusively set aside for white males of substance and means. No wonder they are on top of the top's top. Screw the whole Disney belief of one man, one vote. That is the utopian desire we little people hang to. Who and what this nation was ever about and ever built for - has not really changed. The privileged class is alive, well, growing and not giving a damn about how they got what they got, or how they got where they are. Their there, and you're not, because you're not as good.

You can just go eat cake...

Sunday, October 16, 2005

America's cold-civil war is heating up

This hotspot in America's never-ending cold-civil war, Toledo Ohio, is the site of another example of what we all fear - cahos and mayhem.

What will this nation do to avoid this horrific nightmare coming to life? Many believe this type of confrentational events - are but around the corner for this so-very divivded nation.

Hell, lot of folks believe this is what men like William Bennet, Trent Lott, and Dick Chaney want. The excuse/reason to execute thousands of black, and latino young men. To go door to door rounding up folks who are illegaly seeking the exclusive and elusive American Dream

The next biblical/hollywood type epic wide-screen blockbuster event, be it Mother Nature or your everyday madman, will be enough to ignite these combustable United States. It's a tragic, yet unavoidable given in the life of an empire built on pimping and exploiting people for their blood, sweat, tears and dreams.

Are the chickens coming home to roost for America? Can we avoid what the extreme elements of both sides want, desperatedly so? How do we release some of the pressure inside the American Melting Pot, before the pot melts? Can a sliced and diced nation stand. I hope so, the USA is a bold and beautiful concept, on paper, in the movies.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Let’s give these people what they want.

I’m not quite sure what the numbers might total, but I dare to insist, millions upon millions of white Americans would prefer to live in a United States which is void of Black and Latino people. Their belief, we’re the primary source of all this nations societal ills and woes.

Let’s give these people what they want. Let’s go...

Since I’ve been black all my life, from my vantage point, blacks ought to give the vast majority of white folks what they want, what they’ve wanted since 1865. If Blacks weren’t going to remain property, or an 3rd class, seldom seen and hardly ever herd underclass, then we were of no use, and had no place. Clearly blacks have been, at best, tolerated by the vast majority of Euro-Americans. One of the prime factors in the US real estate market is - continual ill-planned suburban expansion, i.e. white flight. The desire to live and raise kids in virtually unintegrated Vanilla-vills is the optimum American Dream. Racial isolation is just more comfortable for most whites. Not all mind you, but most..

Euro-Americans consistently flee any hint of integration, not-so-secretly, both the rural rank and file Red-necks and the mini-mansion, small a suburban aristocrats desire to revert back to a separate and so-very unequal USA.

Ah! The good ol’ days

With this being the current landscape, even after 400 years of providing our blood, sweat, tears, and, still being treated today, just about as we were yesteryear, as if we were the oppressors who enslaved, raped and ripped off .... This dysfunctional relationship, one of Black Americans being physically and mentally abused, in every manner a soap-oprah - which has to have and ending other than the demise of the black race. Perhaps the time has come for a divorce. We’ve tried to assimilate and accommodate an racist and elitist WASP establishment, to no real avail. Why try? Let’s end this horrific story right here and now. America’s a beautiful idea, on paper, but in reality, white folks can’t live up to the fair and decent, color blind John Wayne image.

Why should Black folks go down with the Titanic? Its surely not our arrogance demanding we go full steam ahead, in an iceberg field. Is there any better time than now, to assemble a collection of Afro-American intelligencia, from economic professors to community planners, brought together to formulate a exit strategy which includes a list of destination spots where black folks could relocate to. Africa is but one spot, The Caribbean is full of Islands with for-sale signs on them.

Blacks could create our own Hersheyvilles - corporate island nations. South America and Canada are prime locations to start fresh. Between black real estate developers and say the Disney people, who’ve created a thriving community from scratch - Celebration, Florida - these experts could now create a blue-print of planned colonies, comprised of self-exiled Afro-Americans, who did both themselves and millions of white folks a favor, we got the hell out of America.

Perhaps this exodus could lower the black American population by 25% . Degree holding Blacks, technical craftsman, professionals, both blue and white collar folks could pack it all up. Just as Marcus Garvey’s Back to Africa movement was supported by a wide spectrum of whites, including the KKK. Think about that, they had the same goal... It’s been senseless and fruitless attempting to force blacks upon a population which does not maintain any respect for the peculiar position they themselves placed us in. Most white folks exhibit an inherent failure to admit to the odd jungle love - hate relationship you’ve forged with us. These are the same cats capable of discussing the negative and positive ramifications of aborting an entire generation of black babies, to lower the national crime rate?

Let’s not delude ourselves, America’s angry, arrogant white men are at war, with the world. Alone. Even the Britts, Aussies and Canadians are bowing out... Why shouldn’t blacks do likewise? Black America is a nation within a empire. We’ve fought this nation’s wars many times before, and yet, are still regarded as 2nd class citizens. Why do it again? Let’s allow the great Clint Eastwood gladiators to defend their own global corporate interest. Their own exclusive way-of-life? The Minute Men are on the Southern boarder, ready to attack Mexico City, ready to forcibly remove Mexican illegal immigrants within the continuous fifty, ready to ignite a race war in America - while at war with the world.... Yes, its time to go.

Let’s get this twisted right, most Blacks, we don’t hate whites, but apparently, most whites can never do much more than tolerate blacks, from a safe distance. This relationship will never work. Consider those blacks who leave as not deserters, but disinvesters. 400 years of giving everything. it’s nonetheless a eyeopener to listen to this nations leaders rationalize, minimize and damn near justify GOP leadership - capable of discussing the negative and positive ramifications of aborting an entire generation of black babies. It’s a heart-stopper watching a 64 year old black man, retired teacher, beaten by The Big Easy’s Best, while the G men watched? It’s never gonna change. The time’s come to cut ties.

Let’s give these people what they want. Let’s go...

Saturday, October 08, 2005

nobody gives a damn

Most Afro-Americans who’ve come-of-age since the mid -1970's, have just experienced a wake-your-ass-up-call. Konya West’s observation regarding this presidents lack-of -love for black folks -is a given fact to most thinking Afro-Americans. Yet, these hurricanes brought to reality the Lifeboat Game we’ve all played. The angry white men aboard that boat quickly bonded, and with White Citizens Council cohesiveness, kicked all the blacks overboard. It wasn’t a difficult decision.

Never, in my life, has it been so clear, how measurably divided a nation this is. Today’s GOP lives by the creed "I am not my Brothers Keeper".

Afro-Americans, must now ask ourselves the Tuskegee Airman’s question; How do I feel about my country? And deeper still, how does my country feel about me?

Who can argue, little empathy, sympathy nor unwanted pity sit’s in the hearts and minds of most white American’s in relation to Afro-Americans. We remain this nation’s supreme headache.

We’ve been weighed, measured and pounded by an elitist WASP establishment... and been found wanting. Deemed not worth the effort, just like in the Hollywood classic, Blazing Saddles, the redneck cowboys save from the quick-sand, not the drowning brothers - valuable railroad workers, but rather - their equipment.

Nevertheless, the by-product of Katrina is - most of comatose black America has been slapped awake, to the new dawning of a old day in America.

Angry White Males gone wild.

There’s no denying the party of Archie Bunker made a lackluster, days-late, dollars short response to this disaster, and it wasn’t happenstance. Their inept reaction was the culmination of strategic White House calculations - which indicated, nobody, of any worth, gave-a-damn about a bunch of poor niggers in the bayou.

Obviously, mainstream America has a problem, an internal hindrance, a reluctance - in viewing blacks as victims, even in the face of an epic disaster of damn-near biblical proportions. Blacks were looters first, ill-prepared fools second, and victims, hardly ever... Polls indicate 75% of isolated and insulated White-America clears the Ivy League cheerleader in the Oval Office from any notion of betraying the cornerstones of this nation - responsibility, accountability, liability, and dependability.

Don’t take my word, just listen to Republican royalty like William Bennet, who ponder if America might be a safer place, if, Uncle Sam, in the spirit of the late Imperial Grand Senator Strom Thurmond - oversaw the mass abortion of thousands of Black babies, this society’s Black scourge.

Bennett’s apart of an GOP inner-circle capable of considering the ramifications of re-instituting genocidal tactics against Afro-Americans, examining the pro’s and con’s of aborting a whole generation of Afro-Americans - in a effort to craft a kinder and gentler Utopia. Rank and file redneck Republicans flirt with such thoughts behind the closed suburban doors of churches, sports-bars, law-offices, hospitals, schools, police stations, banks and city halls...

Some said Ronald "666" Ray-Gun would, by tactically turning back the clock on civil rights, reopen black folks eyes. His Iran/Contra/Compton/Crack-Gate would illustrate the contempt for a separate and unequal Black America. Others speculated it might be Newt’s Republican Revolution of 92', the contract with White America - on Black America. Or the recent nation-wide rejection of the USA Mens Basketball Team during the Olympic Summer Games. Imagine Americans, cheering for foreign nation’s teams, because of deep seated envy and hatred for black males.

No, none of these events proved overt enough to wake Black America to it’s high-awareness and aggressive activist mind-set of the 60's.

I’d never contest the sad fact, Black America, separate and unequal by design, is a-drift, without a game-plan, minus a blueprint for success, prosperity and security. But the factors leading to this state of disarray is more multifaceted than simply blaming black folks. Predictably, most Euro-American’s have walked away from the chaos and disorder they deliberately structured. They’ve dismissed their horrific role in dismantling Black America. They’ve forgotten their recent history of opposing human rights.

Why sugar-coat it? America is in the midst of a civil cold war -white males against...everybody else. The Neo-Cons see Blacks as the enemy. They view Liberals as Nigger-Lovers. Interestingly, the liberals value Lassie, Bambi, Flipper, Bigfoot, the Loch Ness monster and the giant trees more than they do Blacks...

This is how most black American’s see it. Trust me, I’ve been Black all my life.

At the end of the day, these aren’t good times for Afro-Americans. Gun sales - at all time highs in suburbia and in rural areas. The internet - on fire with Nazi, Klan and Young Republican activity. God forbid another disaster, Mother Nature or everyday madman, If so, suburban local governments will block the bridges, federal governments will halt supplies from entering urban areas, We’ll be the last to be rescued.. And, every redneck vigilante will be locked and cocked. It’ll be open-season on...

Nothing’s changed, we’re on our own baby.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Even Helen Keller could see....

Helen Keller, deaf, dumb and blind - challenged to say the politically correct least, overcame it all, and lived a noted life. She was a socialist, and wrote the following in a letter to a woman suffragist in England:

Are not the dominant parties managed by the ruling classes, that is, the propertied classes, solely for the profit and privilege of the few? They use us millions to help them into power. They tell us, like so many children, that our safety lies in voting for them. They toss us crumbs of concession to make us believe that they are working in our interest. Then they exploit the resources of the nation not for us, but for the interests which they represent and uphold. We vote? What does that mean? It means that we choose between two bodies of real, though not avowed, autocrats. We choose between Tweedledum and Tweedledee...

Ms.Keller's vision appeared quite keen to me.

Tragically, her observations ring-true when applied to today's political landscape. The Liberal establishment seems to posses the backbone of Gumby instead of a Grand Canyon jackass as they sheepishly confront the current GOP backlash. Both cater to money and power.

If we, the little people, don't ignite a fire under the behinds of Democratic leadership, then we, the grandparents of America's up and coming mid-century majority -- folks of color - will be allowing angry white men to resurrect barriers and obstacles our grand parents knocked down...

The minim wage will remain slave wage crumbs. Social Security, on its way to becoming a venture capital slush fund for Wall Street. Gays - back in the closet, if not the cellar - if the racist, sexist, elitist and homophobic moral-majority have their way. Worker/consumer solidarity - Unions, are treasonous in the eye of the Right. Soft as silly-putty Democrats are turning a blind eye to unbridled GOP capitalism maxi The only discrimination today admitted by Republicans ... reverse discrimination. Affordable health care -- unaffordable for millions of worker bees.

K thru Kollege public education is under attack from Republicans: neighborhood segregation, i.e. whiteflight, is recreating separate and unequal access to the American Dream. The Ward Churchill lynching is a demonstration in how horrific the Conservative White Citizens council can be, to what extreme extent they will go to in their zeal to dismantle the shield of academic tenure, ethnic studies departments and all grassroots opposition to their version of the American tale.

It's down right scary witnessing the clout and influence of Colorado's conservative WASP establishment; Governor Owens, the Rocky Mountain News's Vincent Carroll, and the official GOP propaganda machine - Talk Radio -their collective ability to stifle, if not silence opposing viewpoints is measurable and significant. But as CU instructor Adrienne Anderson has pointed out - Colorado's tilted to the Right media censor's opposing views by exclusion - deeming them to full of hate, as Mr. Carrolls personally labeled numbers of my rejected editorial submissions, racist and angry.

Nevertheless, what ignites my ass ... and scores of other legit liberals, proud progressives and real revolutionaries - the lack of fire in the belly of the Democratic machine outside of Howard Dean and Rev. Al Sharpton. Senator Salazar and Congresswoman Gegette and the rest of the Lollipop squad ought to rent some Guy movies, The Dirty Dozen, Steele Magolias, The Magnificent Seven, the Outlaw Josy Wells, Thelma and Louise....

Saturday, February 26, 2005 war with ....the world

From Somewhere in the Sea of Cortez.....In my dreams.

If ten people tell you - you've got a tail...perhaps you should turn-around and check. If half the population of the US, and over a hundred nation's within the United Nations say to the Republican Party - you guys are a band of monolithic power-hungry pirates...Perhaps there's a ounce of golden truth to that observation...

Half this country opposes virtually all the ism's the GOP fights for, elitism, sexism, and racism. As significant, this objecting Left-half - joins the vast majority of the planet - in opposing the Republican's aggressive and arrogant dollar-store cowboy agenda.This drawing of the line demands attention, it exemplifies the anti-team mentality of the Right.

How complicated can it all be? This is Romper Room stuff...

Look, Little Lord Flat bush obtained - by disputed means - in both elections, roughly half the votes cast. In the popularity polls, his support/approval numbers are consistently circa 50%. Bush garners only the support of conservatives, which is in it's bare butt-naked essence, an exclusive White folks only organization. Where the GOP both stands and sits, is consistently in direct opposition to what Americans of color, working class people, women and the United Nations want, and that's just the bottom line. Conclusion, domestically, Republicans are pitted against... well everybody else.

Externally, this administration has deliberately managed to aggravate and irritate most of earth.This is no dramatic liberty I'm taking here either, . It's solely the GOP that's embarked on this misguided mission to expand the US Empire.The rumbling, stumbling, fumbling and bumbling international moves this administration has taken in the Arab world, has rubbed most of the world the wrong way.The people of Great Brittan, the WASP motherland - oppose Big George and Little Dick Chaney's escalating desert quagmire. Next-Door neighbors, Mexico and Canada, aren't even apart of the coalition of the coerced .

This leads us to but one conclusion, one Ray Charles could clearly see...The GOP is at war, opposed on multiple fronts;

The greater headache of course is, why? Why is the GOP at war - with the world...?

From the perspective of the rank and file GOP'er, this global resentment is all about envy. Ask Bubba, living in a trailer outside Buggtussel Texas, or Brittany and Bernard - vacationing in a 5 star bungalow at Broadmoore - they both concur - all the world - as in the UN, is just hate'in. As far as suburban soccer mom's are concerned, all the world's a ghetto. The 3rd world woes...are worlds away. The Right believes its legitimately atop the world - based upon hard work, honesty and ingenuity. All international charges of empire expansion are denied by Uncle Sam, who'd rather call it nation building, spreading democracy

Note, in the face of this authentic frontier gibberish, the world begs to differ -

The world believes the US military-corporate complex obtained global power by readopting and expanding the 19th century Manifested Destiny doctrine beyond actual US boarders. By declaring some divine right to intervene in internal struggles for freedom around the world... always on the side of the easily bought-off aristocratic dictators - never on the side of the oppressed peasants’ class. Never on the side of Che, Jumo Kenyata, Patrice Lumumba.

Its odd, America, founded by freedom fighters/terrorist like George Washington and Crispus Attacks, has managed to opposes a number of Reveloutiories who come to mind, Crazy Horse, Suesan B. Anthony, Sitting Bull, Anegela Davis, Red Cloud, Cesar Chavez, Huey P Newton,and even Barbra Streisand..

These urban heros are symbolic of the conflict which is at the basis of America's internal cold-civil war, the Rights battle to keep the 2nd class Left, America's disinterested non-voting majority, in their prescribed places. We, the left, beg to differ with the GOP's Walt Disney version of history, of bringing civilization to the Americas. Today's Left - the pinko-commie bastard babies of those who threw Molotov cocktails in the hot summers of 68; we, the children of the flower-children..... grasp the kindergarten complexities of the Rights's current backlash. Conservatives have had more than enough of the mild artificial racial integration and token gender equality concessions made over the last half century. The shows over for gay folk, back in the closet. be grateful it's not the cellar. Unions are busted,

Despite the beheadings of the 60's movement - JFK, RFK, MLK, Malcolm X - in which strong-arm involvement by the conservative establishment's enforcers - the CIA and FBI, was as discernible as ABC. Nonetheless, power sharing was unavoidable for America's silent majority,
and having to adjust to make-believe-pretend equality, has been just to... too for conservatives. Thus we've endured the Reagan Revolution, the Republican Contract on America, and today's Bush Bushwhacking. All strategic tactical moves to maintain a controlling monopoly on critical resources and American Culture.These good'ol boys aren't content turning the hands of time back, they want to tear the clock off the wall.

Toss-in massacred Indians, Jim Crow laws "No Dogs- No Mexican" signs, Ludlow, imprisoned Japanese Americans, and barefoot and pregnant women... What you've got is a track record of racism, sexism, and elitism practiced by those who label themselves Conservatives. These are the exact reasons why theres's very little sympathy, empathy nor pity for the plight of Republicans.

It distressful, yet predictable the party of General George A. Custer has so mis-calculated the American Landscape.The down the down the-road consequences and repercussions for building an empire, by any means stern opposition.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Who's Next.....

From the desk of a disgusted peasant...

Who's next?

Today it's Ward Churchill, University of Colorado professor who equated 9/11 victims with Nazi's and dared to cold-heartedly contradicted their innocence in the overall big picture. A few months ago, it was Estes Park,Colorado trustee David Habecker, who refuses to recite the pledge of allegiance before city council meetings. And, before that, it was Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper, who had the audacity to announce he wanted to remove the Merry Christmas signs and replace them with Happy Holidays instead. And, yes even before that it was Denver North High School, under attack by angry Republicans for not displaying the US Flag in a clearly more prominent role than the flag of Mexico.

Who, or what will offend the GOP hierarchy or the rank and file Rednecks next time, and what will be their punishment? Will they too be politically assassinated? What power and clout will the local White Citizens Council, err, excuse me, the Republican Party, exercise next when some individual, institution or organization negatively critiques the actions of this nations Government?

Granted Churchill, a self-anointed messenger, is not a descendent of Crazy Horse nor Sitting Bull, the esteemed American freedom fighters/terrorists of yesteryear, he appears to be more of a direct descendent of George A. Custer. Nevertheless, the tip of his spear, his message, is both sharp and blunt. His words, "Some People Push Back: On the Justice of Roosting Chickens." , have created not merely an uproar. but brought on a full brigade charge by GOP's 7th Calvary - The Colorado Gov. Bill Owens, Congressman Bob Beaubre Fox News's Bill O' Riley, and the wrath of the White House's Rocky Mountain propaganda machine - Clear Channel Broadcasting and Vincent Carroll's Rocky Mountain News's editorial page.

I'd like to ask a simple question, what's this make-believe American Native charged with, exaggerating the horrors of an already horrific past...? Articulating the anti Manifested Destiny mindset millions of Americans maintain, along with the vast majority of the planet. Now, the repercussion for that? Churchill must endure his entire life being dissected, in a deliberate tactical move to unearth any human falsities, as to discredit his political positions. Is he merely guilty of not adhering to the America-love it or leave it establishment, i.e., angry white males? Is the GOP, in their blind zeal to repeal everything from FDR's New Deal to LBJ's Great Society, going after Churchill in a lynch-mob manner, not grasping they're going to ultimately make the Prof. a symbol of what happens to those who oppose the only true, legit Americans, the Republicans?

These GOP guys remind me of MASH's Major Frank Burns.......

Perhaps The Right needs to hear how they're thought of? If I could be allowed to ... speak the minds of millions of American's, many of whom believe the GOP is the good ol' boys country club, consisting of those with small minds, very small hearts and short memories. They've forgotten every injustice and insult they committed towards people of color and women; they've just gotten the hell over it -- quickly. These are the boys who's company lines go something like this - I am not my brothers keeper, we're not in this together, you get yours - I get mine. Women and Children first -- if their white. Everywoman for herself...there's no "I" in team and no "w-e" in the GOP.

Replace Dumbo the elephant as the Party mascot with a more fitting and appropriate Archie Bunker. Lounging in a leatherized lazy Boy recliner, with the stogee, its a very comfortable fit. Ask anybody in America, they'll tell you the same.

We're tired, and we ain't gonna take it no more. We've grown weary of having to sit back and watch this nation be hoodwinked by a bunch of bamboozling, aristocratic Republicans, and weak-ass, really wannabe on the Right Democrats. We recognize the United States, constructed with our elbow grease, belongs to us, just as much as it belongs to Republicans, we've paid as much dues as you buddy. Colin Powell begged to differ with these artful draft-dodgers on issue of war with Iraq. Former General Howard Schwartzkoft begged to differ with this Ivy League Cheerleader over Affirmative Action. We beg to differ.

The World begs to differ.

The Republican Party is comprised by those Americans who can minimize, justify and rationalize everything from broken treaties, a separate and unequal America, to Japanese Interment camps and the KKK supporting both of Ronald Reagan's presidential bids. Even an Italian cat who thought he had landed in India.

The guys on the Right clearly think the present day end more than justifies the means utilized to craft America.

The GOP believes as the Oakland Raiders owner Al Davis - Just win baby win. Now after centuries of perfecting this strategy, the decedents of those who got their asses residing on the left, well, they harbor little love for the ass-kickers in the Republican Party.

What do you think, a thinking person of color concludes when we see former President Reagan glorified....a man who labeled the MLK a commie-pinko-communist, believed in Trickle Down Economics, gave the OK to wage war against Huey P. and the Black Panthers in Oakland, and busted Unions....He's not our grandfatherly figure, please! But he is your hero, does that not say it all?

This is but a spoonful of what folks in the Peace and Luv party want to say, but we now see, by the witch hunt the GOP seems to never come off, speaking ones mind will not be tolerated during the time of a wrong war. We can't see the coffins coming home from Iraq, and we can't debate it on the AM airwaves or in the newspapers, because the Red establishment forbids it. Ask no questions. Stand up, shut up, and salute Ol' Glory

Churchill does represent that significant segment of America which ask the Tuskegee Airman question How do I feel about my country, and, how does my country feel about me?

Maybe this inevitable internal chaos American stands on the verge of --an updated extreme version of the 60's being replayed, with our very own external overseas conflict, coordinated by Eisenhower's Industrial military complex -- can be summed-up by the drawing of lines created by the Columbus Day controversy. Like Reagan, Columbus is no hero to most folks of color. He is the jumping off point for a history that contradicts everything this nation today wraps itself in.

This land is your land... this land is my land

Power to the People

Desi Cortez

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Ain't no Arab called me Nigger

If you open your ears, the war-drums can be heard. Global conflict is on the horizon. A draft is imminent, not probable. Someone must fight the war this boy-who-would-be-king George W. is waging. God forbid what God - or Karl Rove - whispers in the ear of this Ivy league cheerleader the next time he's on the pot reading his morning funnies.

Black American's cohesive response to a national draft ought to be one of Hell No, We Won't Go.

Our participation in the Armed forces is in great part a reflection of the unlevel private-sector playing field and, a lack of occupational/ educational options and choices, not some blind commitment to the ol' US-of-A.

Muhammad Ali spelled-out the internal conflict any thinking black man was faced with 40 years ago during the conflict of that era, the Vietnam War, Ali's summation still applies and is relevant this time around; Ain't no Iraqi called me Nigger.....

Its ridiculous to see Afro-Americans risking their lives for an administration that domestically speaking, has identified black people as the white man's burden if not the enemy. Black people represent a whole demographic segment of the nation which the GOP is busy vilifying, shunning and ignoring.

Lets see if I've got the Right - right? Little Lord Flat-Bush is in need of toy soldiers, aristocratic America is in an expansion mood. What's the word-of-the day; Manifested Destiny? So, Uncle Sam is hitting the high school campuses hard, in search of Afro-American's to transform into fight'in GI's. Boys, and girls, shipped off to the Middle East, to kill the name of freedom and liberty for Iraqis. Meanwhile, back at the Crawford Ranch, this administration is plotting how to reinstate Jim Crow.

This contradiction is glaring.

The GOP, Archie Bunker's political base, must be assuming Afro-Americans are unable of conducting a fair and balanced evaluation of our peculiar position as America's truly ... unwanted. Perhaps this go'round, young Afro-Americans should reconsider assisting this oval office's naked quest fo global power and glory. Why should black Americans - labeled America's problem-child by the GOP - risk their lives abroad, for the GOP? For Dick Chaney? Who opposed the Dr. King national holiday, and didn't support the US leveling sanctions against South Africa during the rein of Apartheid.

Both the deeds and words of this administration paint a picture of Neo-Conservatives working 24/7, burning the midnight oil 365 days a year, in an attempt to return this nation to yesteryear, to an uncivil America, the good 'ol days - the pre-Civil Rights era. Its no secret Republicans long for that time when women knew their place, God was in the segregated schools, Mexicans cut your yards, Asians did your laundry and black ladies tended to your children and housework. Yet, have white men tell the story...we were all happy and content, We drank all our milk, cleaned our plates, and saluted Ol' Glory.

After 300 years of providing free labor to construct this empire - black folks, drenched in the blood, sweat and tears of our own, have also spent the 20th century just trying to show white folks we too understand the beauty of the American way of much so, we've been willing to fight and die for it.

The Bush administration has callously offended the entire spectrum of the black political world; starting with Colin Powell's disrespectful marginalization throughout his appointment. The tactical tacky move last year to ignore the NAACP convention and therefore it's membership -- who believe that move was the equivalent of being flipped-off. Note also the current IRS investigation of the NAACP for allegedly endorsing a presidential candidate. Republicans outrage all folks of color when they insultingly paint a picture of an America where the only group getting slighted are ... white males. Bert and Ernie - victims of rampant reverse discrimination.

Black America, we have a lynch-mob on our hands.

These Neo-Conservatives Redneck's are arrogantly oblivious to the political consequences of their moves. Apparently, they could give a damn what levels of hostility they create within these so-called United States of America with their dismissal of black thought and opinion. Amazingly so, by some stretch of Ivy League imagination, this oval office believes it can openly reject the only legit Officer and Gentleman amongst them, Powell. They can then turn around the next day and ask black men to step in harms way -- in some desert quagmire orchestrated by a couple of chicken-hawks who somehow managed to stay out of harms way...

Afro-Americans are not wanted in the inner-circle, nor do we matter in the bigger picture....We have been deemed, irrelevant. The Republicans have themselves some new niggers - Latin world immigrants. Considering the depressed environment they've escaped from, these folks will work hard for the peanuts you and I bitch about, and they appear to know there place...they're just happy to be here.

Black America, separate and unequal, cannot help but ponder the predicament we find ourselves in. Why should Afro-Americans risk their life's for what looks to be millions of people who politically, economically, socially oppose all that most African-Americans believe in and stand for? Tell me please, why should we, as a people, stand for a nation which can't stand us? Toleration best describes the relationship blacks and whites maintain. A little like, a little love, some empathy maybe, or even unwanted sympathy, none of these emotions are ever going to emanate from Vulcanized suburbia.

How does my country feel about me, and How do I feel about my country?

One can naively argue the United States isn't in a state of domestic disarray Nevertheless, to most -- the post election maps depicted America as Republican Red country, with only a few spots composed of Liberal-pinko-commie-treator Blue. Translation; there aren't that many Nigger lovers, and the few there are, they're surrounded - outmanned and outgunned by the gun-toting, bible thumb'in Rank and file rednecks.

Historically, Black Americans demanded the right to die for a nation which awarded them with an official tolerated status. From Crispus Attacks and the Massachusetts 57th to Buffalo Soldiers, Black doughboys and Tuskegee Airmen - Black Americans have stepped up in times of war, annied up-like real men, in what many of think has pathetically proven to be, a fruitless attempt to be treated with mutual respect, to belong.

Lets see this funky situation as it is: a slap-in-the-face of black folks . We've got Republican's, who's team motto is - Everybody for Themselves / I am not my brothers keeper - simultaneously demanding patriotism. Talking teamwork and togetherness. We're all in this together - Team USA against the world. We stuff. This is Big George and Little Dick Chaney's war, i.e., this is the angry, insecure, and predictably paranoid white guy's war. Just as with the 1979 Iranian hostage crisis -- the Iranian terrorist released their Afro-American captives. The bastards understood we weren't making any American foreign policy. The pimping of Colin Powell for 4 years, using him as a Trojan horse in front of the UN, illustrates just this point, black men still ain't making no policies, no where, no place, no how, in this white house.

Its insulting to demand compliance from within an empire composed of conquered peoples. Native Americans Blacks, Latinos, and Asians-all maxed-out, in the name of expanding the empire.

Hell No, black folks shouldn't go to the Middle East. We should do all that a nation, within a nation, can do to defend the right of a Jewish State to exist and assist with the creation of a Palestinian State. Outside of that, it's not our duty to expand the financial assets of Haliburton, the Haves or the Have mores, Bush's base, as he points out in Fahrenheit 911.

Its time the party of MASH's Major Frank Burns, fight their own battles.